Countdown to start of Private Placement
Participation in ICO CryoGen will remain open throughout all three stages:

1. Private Placement, during which, interested parties can purchase the service of the company under special conditions.
Dates: October 7 — November 6.
Interested parties should email or fill out an application through the personal account of the user.

2. Pre-ICO, during which tokens will be provided with a 30% discount. The pre-ICO begins on November 7, 2017, to November 21, 2017 (inclusive). 500,000 tokens will be issued during this stage. We will increase the number of tokens for sale In case of increased interest.

3. ICO,
during which the price of tokens will vary from 85% to 100% of cover price. Approximate date of launch is November 31. The exact dates are to be determined by the results of pre-ICO sales.
CGT is by no means a security but a utility token providing access to Cryogen’s current and future services for the utility token holders. In addition to providing priority access to Cryogen’s advanced technological algorithms, CGT via the Ethereum-based smart contract will serve as the only accounting unit available for Cryogen’s customers. As our technology develops and the number of customers grows, the value of CGT will increase, as this token will be the only means of payment for Cryogen’s services.
About the project
KrioRus is a Russian company, operating in the cryonics industry for more than ten years. We are attracting additional funding through the ICO to implement in the near future the following tasks: constructing a new Russian cryostorage facility, opening both the first European cryostorage and the first international cryobiological laboratory in Switzerland, conducting a global marketing / PR campaign, developing and implementing a revolutionary technological algorithm for a reversible freezing of living organisms and biological systems, including humans.

1. The future of medicine
CryoGen will contribute to changing medicine forever. We are in the process of creating the technology for reversible cryopreservation of organs and developing cryobanking for transplantation purposes. Over time, our cryobank will store organs and tissues grown from stem cells or created via 3D bioprinting. Cryopreservation will allow medical specialists more time to use advanced techniques for saving millions of lives.
2. European development
Cryogen will become the undisputed leader in the cryonics industry in Europe and most likely in Eurasia. Switzerland was chosen as the base of the project’s global headquarters not by chance: euthanasia is allowed there, and, hence, the highest quality cryonics is possible at the moment. Currently, Europe has a very high demand for cryonics, and even now about 25% of the KrioRus contracts are concluded with customers from Western Europe.
3. Russian development
Cryogen will strengthen KrioRus’s position in Russia with the opening of a new cryocenter in the vicinity of Moscow as well as with the accelerated development of the most affordable and efficient nanocryonics technology. Russian legislation makes it possible to integrate auxiliary services such as DNA preservation, cryobanking of organs, genetic archives, etc.
4. Forward to the stars
Cryogen has a unique opportunity to become the world’s leader in providing space anabiosis services — we can foresee that our technologies soon will be used for long-duration space travel. And the first step in that direction has already been made.
Mass Media
2018. Starting Cryogen in Switzerland/Expanding in Russia
Opening a new bigger cryocenter in Russia. Test various nanoparticles to create the most affordable reversible freezing technology. Repetition of the basic experiment on reversible freezing of animal organs using nanoparticles. Creation of a detailed research plan involving leading scientists of the world. Purchase of land (building) in Switzerland. The launch of partner programs and marketing in Europe. Prepare for the construction of the Swiss cryostorage.
2019. Beginning of a large-scale PR campaign in Eurasia
Beginning of a large-scale PR campaign in Eurasia
Conducting at least two major conferences on cryonics in Europe. Obtaining the first grants for a reversible freezing of tissues and small biologic samples in Europe and Russia. The beginning of mass experiments on reversible cryopreservation of animal organs using nanoparticles. The launch of the cryostorage in Switzerland and the opening of an anti-aging center. Increase in the number of concluded cryonics contracts. Increase the capacity of our cryostorage dewar factory. Scale the KrioRus business worldwide.
2020. The Swiss cryostorage becomes the center of European cryonics
We have developed and are applying the technology of combining euthanasia and cryonics. The anti-aging center receives the first grants for the study of aging and expands its activities. We have developed and implemented a method of reliable and safe reversible cryopreservation of vital mammal organs.
2021. The Swiss and Russian cryocenters operate at full capacity
Cryonics is growing in other regions; the cryostorage network is expanding. We have obtained a technology of reliable and safe reversible cryopreservation of the majority of mammalian organs. Starting experiments with deceased people’s tissues.
2022. Reversible cryopreservation of human organs
We have developed the technology of reversible cryopreservation of the first human organ, and clinical trials are taking place.
Our Team
Valeriya Udalova
Co-founder and CEO of the Russian company "KrioRus."
Yuriy Pichugin
Director of Science. PhD.
International experience in cryobiology is 40 years.
Igor Artyukhov
Co-Founder and Development Director of KrioRus.
A biophysicist, a cryobiologist, a futurist and an active propagandist of new technologies.
Elena Serebryannikova
A financial adviser to the Cryogen project in Switzerland.
Ustin Kolbin
Director of Communications for Project Cryogen.
Sergey Evfratov
Head of Kriorus perfusion lab.
Biochemist, a molecular biologist. He graduated from the Moscow State University, and he currently works in the area of genetic diagnostics. He is a cryonics practitioner, a rare specialist in the former Soviet Union. He took part in many cryopreservations.
KrioRus is the leading cryonics organization in Eurasia. KrioRus has its own cryostorages and dewar tank factory, having mastered the latest cryopreservation technologies and employing the industry’s best specialists in Eurasia.
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